Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brayden and that arm...

First on the list....Jake passed the BAR!!!! YAY! What a relief! We are so excited!

Next Brayden and his arm. Brayden loves to suck on his arm! He does it like any other baby would suck there thumb but it is his arm. The problem is-he sucks it so much that it gets raw and on a few occasions begins to bleed! Ouch! WE keep long sleeves on him as much as possible but as soon as the sleeves are off the arm is in his mouth. He uses it to comfort himself, get to sleep, when he is hungry, etc. He won't take a pacifier but will take my arm as a replacement if I let him. I don't so much like having my arms all red from his sucking so I try to keep my arm away from his mouth hahaha! He always holds his arm in with the opposite hand. Hopefully he grows out of this sooner rather then later!