Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

We had two different birthday parties for Bailey. One on her acual birthday, Sunday the 26th at my parents where my parents got her this really pretty and yummy cake.

I did a party for Bailey on Saturday the 25th with all her friends. It was a Mickey Mouse party because she likes Mickey and all the kids coming were boys so I did not think it would be appropriate to do a princess party.

Of course we had to serve Hot Dogs which is one of Bailey's favorite things to eat

She did a great job blowing out her candles.

After we ate and opened presents we went swimming. The party was a lot of fun! I love seeing Bailey so happy!

The party was a lot of fun. Im grateful to all our friends and family who came.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Bailey!

Bailey turns 2 today! Words can not express how much I love this little girl! She brings so much happiness to our home. She is talking like crazy and makes me laugh everyday! She can sing the ABC's, I am a child of God, Teach me to walk in the light, and I love you song. Bailey is the most loving girl you will ever meet. She has to give everyone a hug before we leave. She goes around in nursery and hugs each kid before she will go home. She LOVES being outside. It doesn't matter if it is 105 degrees she wants to be outside running around. She runs everywhere she goes and loves to climb. She is staring to become protective and very loving towards Brayden. The other day I put Brayden down for a nap and went to take a shower, during my shower he was crying so Bailey hurried into the room, got into his crib, and was patting his head saying "It's ok Brayden Buddy, It's ok!" Bailey loves for me to lie down next to her before she goes to bed so lately I have been climbing into her crib and she has me lie down, she puts her arm around my head, and sings I am a Child of God. haha It is the cutest thing ever. Bailey is very smart and remember so much. I love watching her grow and learn and I am so grateful to have her as my daughter!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I was hoping and praying we would not have to deal with allergies with both of our children. Unfortunatly, I think Brayden may have some of the same allergies. Since he was born his skin would brake out into these horrible rashes. At first the doctor told me it was a normal "baby rash." As time went on these rashes have become more severe and frequent. After talking to the doctor here in Arizona he said it could be food allergy related. Hoping that it was just some severe excema he gave me some cream to put on twice a day. I started doing that, but also decided to stop eating dairy to see what it would do for him. A couple days into my dairy free diet his skin was looking great. I wanted to think it was just because the cream we were putting on him was AMAZING. Yesterday Jake decided to pick up a milkshake for me. I drank it last night with the hope that it would not affect Brayden. We woke up and this is what Brayden looked like...

It is so hard to see how much this affected him. I felt horrible! And I also feel discouraged that I will have to deal with another child's allergies. It is really hard as a mom not be able to give your child certain foods...especially dairy. No goldfish crackers, no mac and cheese, no string cheese, no cookies! A lot of kid friendly foods have dairy in it. It really takes away a good portion of food that most people feed there kids.

This also means that if he really is allergic I need to stay away from all dairy while I am breasfeeding. It will be a challenge, but I feel like I need to breastfeed him for at least 7 months if not 12....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Am A Child of God-Video

Brittney's pre-wedding...

One of my best friends Brittney is getting married this next week. I am so sad I won't be able to be there for the actual wedding because it is in Salt Lake, but I was so happy to be apart of everything this past week. Thursday we through a little bachelorette party for her and had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Friday she went through the temple and I was able to be there for that. And Saturday she had an open house here in Arizona.

Me, Brittney, and the other bridesmaid, Alli

Don't they look great together!

The shoes goes with the colors of the wedding.

Brittney with all her fun gifts at the Cheescake Factory.

I love seeing Brittney so happy! She is glowing and can't wait to marry Lance! (and was very happy to get all her "Bachelorette" gifts! :)


Brayden had his four month appt. this past week!

Weight 14.5lbs (26%)

Height- 26 3/4 (98%)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Lately we have been busier then ever! We got all moved to Arizona and are settled into our new home. We love being in Arizona, close to family, and loving the heat! Im not joking when I say we love the heat! We go swimming, eat popsicles, and go for walks when the sun goes down. So much better then the cold!

Jake has started his bar prep class and is feeling pretty stressed out. He spends every waking moment craming his brain with material for the bar exam he will be taking the end of July!

I have started doing some work from home in between taking care of Bailey and Brayden. When Bailey and Brayden are napping and after they go to bed I work. It has been pretty busy!

Brayden has started deciding that he doesn't like to sleep anymore :( It has started to getting hard to get him to take good naps and he wakes up way to much at night! I am trying to get him on some type of schedule to see if it helps.

Bailey will be two next month! I can't believe she is getting that old. I have begun to see why people call it the terrible two's! She is so independent and strong willed! She has so much personality and keeps me busy! She has hit the "princess" stage and loves to watch Cinderella and Tangled! I am loving it to! We are borrowing Cinderella from a friend and I really want to buy it, but it is "in the disney vault".? Does anyone know when it is suppose to come out again?