Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brayden Rock Goodman

Brayden Rock Goodman arrived at 6:51am on Saturday January 29, 2011. Jake returned home from Boise on Friday at 9:30 pm. We went to bed around 11 and at 1:30am my water broke. We arrived at the hospital around 3am, I got my epidural and Brayden was born shortly after. I only had to push 4 times. It was very quick!
He has a full head of dark hair and I think he looks like Jake. So far he has been very calm and sleepy. He eats great which is a huge change from Bailey who always struggled with breastfeeding. Hopefully it keeps up. I think the only time he has ever cried is when I change his diaper.

first minutes into the world

getting to the hospital

Bailey meeting her new brother...You can tell she was more into drinking my water and playing in the hospital room then baby Brayden. She could care less if I am holding the baby, but as soon as Jake picks up the baby she gets very jealous. She has loved having her dad all to herself for the past two days.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


After 6 days of being gone me and Bailey are both very happy to have Jake home for the weekend! When Jake came into Bailey's room in the morning she jumped up and down in her crib, laughed, and kept saying "dada"! She isn't letting him out of her sight today. While making breakfast she held onto him very tight to make sure he wasn't leaving. It is going to be hard to see him go again on Monday. Maybe this baby boy will come soon so we can all be together again! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am almost 37 weeks and feel very ready to have this baby. My doctor thinks I will have this baby before my due date because I am dialated to a 2, 70% effaced, and his head is way down. Yay! We are on the 5th day of Jake being in Boise and I am worn out! He comes home tomorrow night for the weekend and me and Bailey can't wait. Bailey misses him so much and will be a happy girl this weekend!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


We had such a fun time in December!!! I was sad to see December go! We traveled to Arizona to spend Christmas with our family. We enjoyed being with family, enjoying the warm weather, letting Bailey play in my parents backyard, and celebrating the birth of Christ.

We went to McCormick train park before Christmas and had so much fun. They have a train you can ride through the park and see the amazing light display. They also had lots of fun characters dressed up, one being Bailey's latest obsession, ELMO!

Riding through the park

going through the tunnel

getting on the train

Bailey in her Christmas dress. So cute!

After Christmas we came home to Spokane and spent the last couple weeks as a family before Jake left to Boise. Bailey has become very attached to Jake and will miss him so much the next couple weeks. He left today and every 20 minutes Bailey would ask for "dada" She was very unhappy when she woke up from her nap and he wasn't here.We can't wait for this baby to born so we can be a family again! I think I will always cherish the past couple weeks we have had. Jake has been around 24 hours a day for 3 weeks, we were able to see our families, and we were able to be together as a family of 3 with little stress and just hang out. It has been so much fun! I am grateful for the amazing father that Jake is. He gets as much joy out of playing with Bailey as I do. Bailey adores him! He takes good care of the two of us!