Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am almost 37 weeks and feel very ready to have this baby. My doctor thinks I will have this baby before my due date because I am dialated to a 2, 70% effaced, and his head is way down. Yay! We are on the 5th day of Jake being in Boise and I am worn out! He comes home tomorrow night for the weekend and me and Bailey can't wait. Bailey misses him so much and will be a happy girl this weekend!


  1. Trisha you are so cute with your baby bump! You are not big at all.

  2. You are tiny! And you are going to be a mom of 2 kids! UGH! Crazy! Seems like yesterday we were hating Ms. Oden because we were the most awesome stunt group and she knew it! haha Good luck lady!