Monday, January 30, 2012

Brayden's 1st Birthday

This past weekend we were able to go down to Mesa and celebrate mine and Brayden's birthday. It was a quick trip and always goes by to fast. There is always people we didn't get to see and things we didn't have time to do, but it was fun! We left Thursday night after Jake was done with work. On Friday I was able to go out to lunch with my mom, sister-in-laws, and Grandma. Friday night we went to the train park and out to dinner at Famous Dave's. Saturday we went to Scottsdale to do some much needed shopping! We brought Bailey and Brayden which makes shopping hard! Brayden got lots of new clothes from H&M and Jake got me some "birthday" clothes. We get a little deprived living in Kingman and save our money for our weekend trips. Saturday night my parents took the kids to organ stop while me and Jake met up with my best friend Chelsea and her new fiance. They are getting married on March 3rd! I can't wait! We enjoyed a quite dinner at Charleston's. It was one of the highlights of the weekend! Sunday we had a party for Brayden! I can't believe he is one!! Time flies! We ordered a party sub and I made an ice cream cake! We kept it simple since we were heading home right after the party. The drive home was a long 3 hours! My kids don't sleep in the car and Brayden was exhausted and cried for a straight 45 minutes which made Bailey cry. Not fun!

Brayden got a basketball hoop and loved playing on the box.

Me and my nephew "Baby Eli" (Bailey always refers to Eli as Baby Eli and loves coming to see him) He is such a cute little boy!

Brayden and Eli

At famous Dave's. Love there food!

Bailey and Brayden have so much fun with my family. They love all the attention they get from Grandma, Grandpa, and there uncles. When we were driving home Bailey kept saying "I don't want to go to Kingman. I want the other house by Grandma." It makes us sad and we miss being so close.

Out to dinner with Chelsea and Spencer.

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  1. happy birthday to both of you! I can't believe it's been a year since Brayden was born. I LOVE your cute outfits and all the pictures!