Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Bailey really enjoys coloring with markers. One afternoon she was suppose to be napping, but after about 20 minutes she came out with a big smile saying, "look what I did" I was napping and not too happy when I opened my eyes. I had to give her a full bath to get all the marker off, but I did have to laugh a little. She loves to draw people, but gets pretty frustrated if it isn't just how she likes it. After drawing the above picture I said "Great Job Bailey" she got upset through her marker and said, "No it isn't perfect. Tell me the truth Mom" haha I guess it is a little taste of what we have to come with her.

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  1. ha ha ha! oh no! but, I'm glad you smiled about it...and how funny that she is a little perfectionist...who does she get that from?-you or Jake? :)