Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am now 22 weeks pregnant and things are going great! I love the second trimester because I am not sick anymore and not big yet. I can't believe in 4 months we will have another little baby in the house. We are so excited, but also nervous. I think I am most nervous to see how Bailey reacts to not having all my attention. Bailey has just started getting really interested in babies. I think she will love having a baby in the house until she notices I can't give her all my attention. I love spending my days with Bailey and she definitly gets A LOT of attention. She is such a good little girl and we are so grateful she is ours!

Jake is busy with school, work, studying, and looking for a job! This is his last semester of classes because next semester he will be able to extern for his remaining 15 credits. It will be so nice for him to have an 8-5 work schedule with no homework when we are having another baby. We have always thought we would be moving back to Arizona after law school, but have been very dissappointed with the job market in Arizona. Jake has had interviews in Boise and Montana so far. We are willing to move anywhere we have a job, but are still crossing our fingers we find something in Arizona. I have really come to enjoy Spokane and graduating will be a very bittersweet day. We have counted down to graduation since the day we were married, but I did not expect to enjoy graduate school so much. We have made some really good friends and it will be so sad so see everyone go different directions. I love the group of girls I am able to hang out with and that is hard to come by!

Some of the things Bailey loves:
Reading Books
her blanket! (she gets so excited to go "night night" because she gets her blanket)
going outside
going to music class
playing with other kids
Bath time

Some things that Bailey hates:
the vacuum
the ironing board
the shower head

Bailey sitting in the love sac reading "Are you my mother"

some of the girls and our kids

Music Class: We are able to go to a music class on Wednesday's that a lady does for free from her home. It is so much fun for the kids!


  1. I love her little pigtails. Congrats on almost being done with school that is awesome! I'm jealous :( I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you can go back to AZ.

  2. great update and picture! We were in the same boat...we went where we found the job. But, the good thing is that no matter where you end up, it will be the right place for you!--we love our little Olympia adventure so far. That is awesome that Jake will get to extern and hopefully be able to help a lot with the new baby boy :) Bailey will be a wonderful big sister. She is too cute!