Saturday, February 5, 2011

1 Week Old

Brayden is 1 week old! Our first week has gone by so fast. It has been a completely different experience then when we brought Bailey home.  Brayden is a really good eater, rarely ever cries, and sleeps great. So far I only have to get up with him twice during the night and he eats and then goes right back to sleep. Hopefully it doesn't change!
Bailey has been a great big sister. She is becoming more interested in Brayden and wants to hold, kiss, and pet him like an animal. She does not seem too jealous yet, but she has had Jake all to herself the past week. Jake takes her somewhere every morning while I stay at home with Brayden. It does make me sad that she prefers Jake for everything over me. 
In between taking care of Bailey and Brayden we have been packing our house. Jake will go back to Boise tomorrow and my mom flies in for the week. I am sad we have to see Jake go again.  He will be back Friday afternoon to load the truck and we will move everything over next Saturday. Me, my mom, Bailey, and Brayden will all be flying while Jake drives the truck and a friend drives our car. I am very nervous to be moving to a new place and leave all the good friends we have here, but we are ready to be together as a family again! 

Bailey doesn't seem like such a baby anymore...


  1. What a couple of cute kids! I remember when Emma was born, Lilly looked so big. I was kinda sad that Lilly wasn't my baby anymore.

    Good job Trisha!

  2. oh my goodness...your kids are too cute! Can I copy your side by side picture in a few weeks? It totally captures your toddler and new baby. love it! I want to see some pictures of YOU! I'm sure you look fabulously skinny and probably no dark circles since Brayden is such an awesome sleeper. I'm thinking of you this week during your big move :)