Sunday, February 20, 2011


In the past two weeks Jake went back to work in Boise while my mom came to stay with me in Spokane and help pack, Jake came home and packed the truck, me and my mom flew to Boise with Brayden and Bailey while Jake drove all our stuff over, we unpacked into our new home in Boise, my mom left, and I had my first week alone with two kids! It has been an exhausting couple of weeks, but we are finally settled in our new home. 

I hate starting over in a new place! We don't know anyone yet which is hard, but we are loving our new home. We have a lot more space, a dishwasher, a disposal, a back yard, a garage, and we don't share walls! Many things we have never had, and are loving! 

Brayden is still such a good baby. We feel very lucky to have him and love him so much! It is so much fun to see how much Bailey loves him too! She is always wanting to smother him with kisses and asks for him as soon as she gets out of bed. I find it funny that he likes to fall asleep when she is around him, but as soon as she goes to bed he wakes up and is happy to have the peace and quite and mom to himself. I say that Bailey has the perfect amount of interest in Brayden, she wants to see him, kiss him, and pet him, but then she runs off to play. She doesn't ever try to pick him up or care to hold him which is great! 

Brayden awake after his sister is in bed. 

Bailey with some pretty bad bed head! haha 


  1. I just love the pictures!! You have 2 adorable's crazy how big Bailey looks compared to Brayden.

  2. He is such a cutie and Bailey looks just like you! Cute kiddos!

  3. What a little sweetie Trish! It sounds like Bailey is doing really well with her little brother. I need to see some pictures of your new home. Oh, I love Boise and you are going to make friends in NO time.