Friday, August 12, 2011


I have been meaning to update for awhile but between Jake taking the bar and me trying to work from home there seems to never be any time left at the end of the day. Jake finished taking the bar and we are awaiting results while he looks for a job. We are praying he finds something very soon!

Brayden turned 6 months old. He weighed in at 16lbs 7oz (30% ) and was in the 97 % for his height. We got the unfortunate news that he is allergic to dairy and soy. For anyone who reads labels you know that soy is in everything. Right now he is on a special formula. I had to stop breastfeeding overnight which has made this week especially difficult. The nights have been really rough b/c all he wants is for me to feed him. The first few days he refused a bottle but we are finally adjusting. He is taking a bottle and feeling much better. His poor skin has been broken out in rashes since the day he was born so it is nice to finally have answers to what has been causing that. I was really sad to be done breastfeeding but very happy to be eating normal again!

Bailey seems to get smarter by the day. She talks up a storm and makes me and Jake laugh all day. Yesterday we were at the mall and she really wanted a balloon but Jake told her no cuz they cost money so she came to me and said, "Mama I have money Please" (with her hand out waiting for me to give her money) She is way to young to be asking for money!

Our summer has been filled with swimming, eating popsicles outside, working, and being with family! We have really enjoyed it and we are so happy to have Jake a part of our family again :) Jake worked so hard in preparing for the Bar exam. He spent an average of 15 hours a day studying at the library. I was very impressed with his dedication but ready to have my husband back!


  1. I love the pics! You look fabulous and the kids are getting so big!

  2. Love your swimsuit! Its so hard finding cute ones these days!