Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Growing Up

Lately I have really seen changes in both Bailey and Brayden that make me realize how fast time is going! There are times it is fun to see these changes, but it does make me sad! What are you suppose to do when you don't have little kids anymore? Some recent changes in our house:
-Bailey is now in a big girl bed and doing so well! I am glad we waited to make this switch b/c she hasn't come out of her bed once since switching her. She is such a good little girl!
-Bailey can spell her name and recite her address!
-Brayden is beginning to walk around the house (but still crawls most of the time)
-Brayden is climbing onto everything...just like his sister

It is fun to watch the similarites along with the difference in Bailey and Brayden. Bailey and Brayden both have a lot of energy and love to climb, run, and get into everything and anything they can find. They both eat to live and don't so much enjoy the eating process. They both prefer soy milk over cows milk. They are both a little dramatic. Brayden has started to throw fits that crack me up. He throws himself on the ground and kicks and screams. He loves to say no and yells "no" to his sister if he thinks she is coming to take what he is playing with. Bailey is a mamma's girl and Brayden loves his daddy!

Sorry for the blurry pictures from my phone

Me and Bailey relaxing

cute Bailey when we went for a picnic in the mountains close to home

came out from helping Bailey to find this little guy standing on the table. You can't leave them for a second!

Out of order but this is a picture of one of my best friends. We have been friends since we were about 5 yrs. old and and I was able to see her sealed in the temple last week. I was so happy to be able to be a part of that!

They are getting so big.

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  1. Bailey is one smart cookie! I love reading about your kids. I hope we can all get together someday. I know Bailey and Jack would love each other and Julia and Brayden would be so cute together...your kids are too cute!