Thursday, April 5, 2012

MAMA!!! :)

It only took 14 months but Brayden finally decided to start saying Mama. I was starting to get a little offended because he had been saying Dada for several months and also started saying NO and trying to say Thank You. But as soon as he started saying Mama his vocabulary took off! He can now say Hello, Mama, Dada, No, Thank You, night night, he tries to say juice, wawa(water), baba. It is crazy how much older he seems in just the past few weeks. He walks everywhere and fights with Bailey over toys way too much. They have a love/hate relationship and it drives me crazy. I don't enjoy being a referee, but hopefully that will change over time and they will start playing together better soon. I have to remember that Bailey is two and Brayden is one!

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  1. It always makes a mamas heart smile when thir kid says their name! Happy Day! He's so cute, both of them are! I love all the pics!