Monday, December 6, 2010

December so far

December has been an eventful month and it is only the second week. After Thanksgiving Bailey got the stomach flu which passed very quickly and didn't seem to bother her too much. A day later I got the stomach flu and have never thrown up so much in one night! After talking to nurse Bev who lives upstairs I decided to go into the E.R. in hopes of getting an i.v. to get hydrated. Little did I know I would be spending the next day and a half there. Because I got so dehydrated I started contracting every 5 minutes and also began to dialate. The doctor in the E.R. was extremely worried. They were able to stop the contractions after about 6 hours, but I still spent the night there. Jake was also sick with the stomach flu which didn't make things any easier. We are grateful to all our friends and ward who helped us out as I got feeling better and Jake was busy with his last week of classes.
I had a doctor appointment today which went great. The doctor approved us to go home for Christmas and thinks everything will be fine with the remainder of my pregnancy and expects me to go full term.
To add to this busy time of year Jake was in a car accident on Saturday which left his car totaled. :( A girl was driving and failed to stop at a red light and he struck her (hardly damaging her dad's big truck), but leaving his car totaled. We are grateful he is ok and that the other driver has insurance along with us!
I feel ready to have this baby and not be pregnant anymore! I don't enjoy the last 2 months of being pregnant. Last night I realized a series of thing that go on each night which is really annoying. Before dinner I have to take Zantac because I have such horrible heart burn 24 hours a day. Before bed I like to stand outside in the 20 degree weather becasue I am so hot all the time. It takes 30 minutes to get to sleeep because I can't get comfortable, but then I wake up every 2 hours because I have to pee so much, and half way through the night I consider eating something because I am so hungry, and at 6 am I wake up to a HORRIBLE leg cramp that leaves my leg sore for days. And I won't lie that I hate getting bigger! I think pregnant girls are so cute, but not myself! We are very excited to be having a little boy and that Bailey will soon have someone to play with!


  1. Hang in there Trisha. I agree that the last few months of pregnancy are the worst. You don't want a pre-term baby though that is worse than all the bad of the last months of pregnancy. I hope the rest of your December goes better and I am so glad you guys get to go home for Christmas! Have fun!

  2. It was a crazy week for you! I am glad it is less severe than they first thought. Please remember you can always ask for help with Bailey!

  3. What a crazy 2 weeks! I'm glad you have a lot of friends around to help. Glad you guys are all ok.