Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter & Other Happenings

There has been a lot going on in our house lately:
1. Easter-It was our first Easter that was spent with just our little family. We have always had family or friends that we have celebrated with, but this year was just us. I felt bad when we took Bailey to an easter egg hunt and she collected all her eggs, opened them, only to find a bunch of candy like chocolate that I couldn't let her eat. I pray she out grows her allergies by next Easter. I did an easter egg hunt for her inside our house on Easter morning with candy she could have and let her eat it all!
2. Packing! I have started packing our house for the 5th time in 3 years. I would be more annoyed but I am so excited to get to Arizona that I don't even care. It snowed today. It is April 29th. I went to Kohls and bought a sprinkler toy for Arizona!
3. I got a job that will allow me to work from home on my own schedule! I have been busy getting trained in between packing, taking care of two kids, cooking, and cleaning.

I sold our old stroller because I hated it! It was big and heavy! Bailey hates sitting in the stroller so half the time she ends up walking while I pushed the huge stroller. I bought a sit and stand. Bailey loves to ride on it....for about 2 minutes and then she jumps off so she can walk and touch everything in the store.

Bailey in her Easter dress and a little sweater that I found in her closet from awhile back...size 3-6 month to be exact.

doing the splits. No suprise that at 22 months she can do a perfect forward roll and the splits. I guess her mom must have been a gymnast or something.

Bailey likes to help me pack.

Actually she likes to unpack what I put in and replace it with herself.

All those Easter eggs are filled with chocolate or gum...

We spent three hours at the eye doctor with Brayden this week to have his droopy eye looked at. They determined that his vision is perfect so there is no need to fix it unless we want to. We will wait and see what we think when he gets older, but for now I think he is pretty darn cute either way:) The doctor commented that he is such a good baby! They said they have never seen a baby just sit there while he gets his eyes dialated and checked. We love our little Brayden.

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  1. what stroller did you have before. We ended up getting the kolcraft because it was lighter than all the others and we LOVE it! glad things are going well for you guys!