Thursday, June 2, 2011


Lately we have been busier then ever! We got all moved to Arizona and are settled into our new home. We love being in Arizona, close to family, and loving the heat! Im not joking when I say we love the heat! We go swimming, eat popsicles, and go for walks when the sun goes down. So much better then the cold!

Jake has started his bar prep class and is feeling pretty stressed out. He spends every waking moment craming his brain with material for the bar exam he will be taking the end of July!

I have started doing some work from home in between taking care of Bailey and Brayden. When Bailey and Brayden are napping and after they go to bed I work. It has been pretty busy!

Brayden has started deciding that he doesn't like to sleep anymore :( It has started to getting hard to get him to take good naps and he wakes up way to much at night! I am trying to get him on some type of schedule to see if it helps.

Bailey will be two next month! I can't believe she is getting that old. I have begun to see why people call it the terrible two's! She is so independent and strong willed! She has so much personality and keeps me busy! She has hit the "princess" stage and loves to watch Cinderella and Tangled! I am loving it to! We are borrowing Cinderella from a friend and I really want to buy it, but it is "in the disney vault".? Does anyone know when it is suppose to come out again?


  1. You can check Ebay for Cinderella! I love when they get into the princess movies!

  2. i was going to say Ebay or amazon is where i look for movies you cant find in stores. I'd check there. Snow white i believe just went into the vault also..