Saturday, June 11, 2011


I was hoping and praying we would not have to deal with allergies with both of our children. Unfortunatly, I think Brayden may have some of the same allergies. Since he was born his skin would brake out into these horrible rashes. At first the doctor told me it was a normal "baby rash." As time went on these rashes have become more severe and frequent. After talking to the doctor here in Arizona he said it could be food allergy related. Hoping that it was just some severe excema he gave me some cream to put on twice a day. I started doing that, but also decided to stop eating dairy to see what it would do for him. A couple days into my dairy free diet his skin was looking great. I wanted to think it was just because the cream we were putting on him was AMAZING. Yesterday Jake decided to pick up a milkshake for me. I drank it last night with the hope that it would not affect Brayden. We woke up and this is what Brayden looked like...

It is so hard to see how much this affected him. I felt horrible! And I also feel discouraged that I will have to deal with another child's allergies. It is really hard as a mom not be able to give your child certain foods...especially dairy. No goldfish crackers, no mac and cheese, no string cheese, no cookies! A lot of kid friendly foods have dairy in it. It really takes away a good portion of food that most people feed there kids.

This also means that if he really is allergic I need to stay away from all dairy while I am breasfeeding. It will be a challenge, but I feel like I need to breastfeed him for at least 7 months if not 12....

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  1. Oh no, that is awful. That would be so hard! Hopefully they will grow out of it.